CKBK Lenses

Soviet Central Bureau of Cinematography
CKBK: The Soviet Central Design Office of Cinematography or Soviet Central Bureau of Cinematography stamped their Russian Cyrillic initials СКБК (It looks like CKBK in English but translated it would be SKBK) on their lenses. The CKBK did lens research and development, creating many experimental lenses, as well as some small production runs of certain lenses (including cinema lenses).

If you have a lens you are wondering about, it was probably made at the CKBK if the lens seems to be a rare lens, a special lens, an experimental lens, or of a limited manufacturing series.

If the lens was manufactured in large quantities, then it was probably made by LOMO.

You may be able to find more info about your lens on either Rafael Pankratau's or on Olex Kalynychenko's sites.