LOMO history

LOMO history: LOMO stands for Leningrad Optical and Mechanical Factory or Leningradskiy Optiko-Mekhanicheskiy Obyedineniye (depending on how Russian you want to sound). LOMO was a large manufacturer of Soviet optics and cinema lenses. Founded in 1914, the enterprise became the first manufacturer of Russian optics. On its launch the company made products only for the Russian army.

Historically, during WWII, the LOMO plant supplied the Soviet military with binoculars, rifle scopes, etc. After the war, the LOMO plant also created cinema and still photography lenses, microscopes, and telescopes.

The LOMO factory was capable of not only researching and developing great cinema lenses, but they also were able to output the products in large quantities.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, LOMO was privatizated in 1993. Currently, it is an enterprise with 100% private capital and more than 16,000 shareholders. More than 6,500 employees work for LOMO. The enterprise currently features about 150 kinds of products. Nearly half of the production volume is exported to the USA, Canada, Germany, Austria, Israel and other countries.