Konvas 2M - 35mm Motion Picture Camera Differences?

Konvas 2M
Konvas 2M with OCT19 mount
The Konvas 2M is a 35mm motion picture camera with a newer, smaller design over the original Konvas (often called the Konvas-1) and subsequent Konvas models through the Konvas 1M. The Konvas 2M makers decided to drop the older turret design and replace the front end with a newer, sleeker styled, single lens system.

This single lens design allowed for the Konvas 2M camera to take a different, more sturdy mount. This mount design is similar to the Arri PL mount, and is much more rugged than the earlier OCT18 mount design (which is similar to the BNCR mount). Lenses which are more compatible with other cameras, including the Kinor 35H and 35C, and the Temp SKL, use the same mount, so it is possible that this was related to the decision to make the design changes.

Also, the lenses (and glass in them) were changing rapidly by the time the Konvas 2M came around. The lighter prime lenses were giving way to the heavier zoom lenses, as the speed of the zooms was becoming more reasonable. A sturdier mount was needed to help hold the extra weight, but also gave more room for cinematographers to have a better choice of glass. The Konvas 2M allowed for the use of these new lenses.

Konvas 2M with video tap
Bruce Taylor's Konvas 2M with video tap
Most of the accessories to the Konvas 2M are 100% compatible with the Konvas 1M, including the motors, viewfinders, and magazines. Many of the inside parts and pieces of the Konvas 2M are also compatible, including the mirror and gate.

With the proper adapter, many of the OCT18 mount lenses can be used with the Konvas 2M, but OCT19 lenses can not be used on a Konvas 1M without a serious overhaul to the camera.

Other than lenses, Matteboxes are another exception, as they were designed with the front of the camera in mind. The Konvas 2M with it's smaller front end, yet bigger lens mount, uses a larger width mattebox, while the Konvas 1M uses a mattebox designed to fit within it's turret system.

The Konvas 2M was made alongside it's brother, the Konvas 1M until the fall of the Soviet Union. Some cinematographers prefer the single lens system of the 2M over the turret mount design of the 1M. If you are wondering which camera to go with, the question you should ask yourself is, "What kind of a shooter am I?"

If you are a "run and gun" type of cinematographer who is often out in the field shooting and doesn't have a lot of time to set the camera down between shots, and you prefer the look of prime lenses over zooms, then the Konvas 1M is for probably you.

Pierre Samuel Rioux's Konvas 2M
Pierre Samuel Rioux's Konvas 2M with mattebox
If you find your shoots are more relaxed, you are doing studio work, and/or you don't mind a good zoom (and can afford one), then the Konvas 2M is probably for you.

Of course, the biggest difference between the two is price. A Konvas 2M usually costs a few hundred more than a Konvas 1M, and many filmmakers make their initial decision based on which one they can afford...