Konvas 17EP and 19EP Motor Power Requirements


17ep motor
17ep motor
The 1KCP-7M [and 8M] comes equipped with a battery and charger, but it has a Russian plug will likely only be useful in former Soviet bloc countries! To get your camera to use 12V batteries with the standard 4 pin XLR connector is a simple task. We suggest replacing the 10 pin connector on each power cable with a standard male 4 pin XLR type connector, either Switchcraft A4M or Neutrik NC4-MX.

Disassemble the 10 pin connector; you will find that two identical white wires are soldered to the connector so that one wire joins two pins at the top (nearest the gap in the outer ring) and the other wire joins two pins at the bottom. The white wire at the top is 12V positive; solder it to pin 4 on the XLR connector. The white wire at the bottom of the 10 pin is negative and should be soldered to the 1 pin on the XLR.

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