What is Academy Frame?

Konvas can shoot Academy Frame
All Konvas can shoot an Academy Frame
An Academy Frame (often shortened to just Academy) is a 35mm film standard and was introduced in the late 1920's as an alternative to silent films. It is called "Academy Frame" because it is a standard of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (approved as a standard in 1932). The Academy Frame is 22mm wide by 16mm tall, takes up 4 peforations of 35mm film, has a ratio of 1.37:1, and has space between the picture and the image for a sound strip.

It is not to be confused with Full Frame (also called Silent Aperture and sometimes Super35), which is 1.33:1 and a larger image.

Usually a film shot in Academy frame is cropped to widescreen 1.85:1 before projection, but sometimes it is projected in it's original 1.37:1 ratio (depending on how the film makers feel it should be projected). Sometimes Academy is projected in theaters at 1.85:1, then sent to television/DVD as it was originally shot in 1.37:1 (mostly this is not the case, as a film cropped for television means the image was cropped out of the 1.85:1 ratio in a method called Pan & Scan).